ZkRollup supports Loopring Wallet, the first Ethereum smart wallet ever created. Direct transactions on Loopring L2 are faster and more affordable, and also keep the main Ethereum network secure. This gives you the opportunity to choose the institutions, people and equipment that will be the custodians of your wallet.

Download Loopring Wallet 

Download the Loopring wallet for Android or iOS.


Google Play:

App Store:

Open the Loopring app and click “Create New Wallet” on the main page.

Select the creation method, it can be either a mobile phone number or email.

Click “Get Verification Code” after entering your email address or mobile phone number, and then enter your verification code.

You can enter a friend invite code as shown below if you have one. You and your contacts will each receive 1000 points after successfully creating a wallet. These points can then be used to offset future transfer fees.

Just click [Skip] in the top right corner if you don’t have an invitation code.

Create a password

After you create a 6 digit password, you should go to the main screen which looks like this. Now you have a wallet address, but it needs to be activated.

Activate your wallet address

A small fee is required to activate your wallet, which is an Ethereum transaction. Loopring supports five payment tokens: LRC, ETH, USDT, USDC and DAI.

By clicking the Activate button and then the Add Assets button, the following should be visible.

In order not to pay different gas fees for several transfers, it is advisable to transfer money only once. The remaining funds will be automatically transferred to your wallet’s L1 account after the wallet creation fee has been taken into account.

Creating a wallet

Loopring Wallet — it is a smart contract, and as with all other smart contracts, it takes time to validate. You will receive an SMS or email notifying you that your wallet is active once your holdings have been verified in Ethereum.

Loopring Wallet Review


  • You can set a daily quota for transfers or block it
  • Loopring wallet separates security from identity
  • ZkRollup technology significantly improves speed and reduces costs
  • Easy to upgrade for future circumstances
  • Wallet fee table included
  • Excellent security
  • Loopring Exchange (ZkRollup DEX от Ethereum)


  • Only available on mobile devices
  • Wallet activation fee required
  • Supports only Ethereum network assets

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