Dogecoin Wallets. Which DOGE Wallet is the best?

Using a Dogecoin wallet is much safer than an exchange when it comes to storing, sending and receiving DOGE. It offers a more secure and safe way to use your coins. It is important to understand the basics of Dogecoin if you want to invest in it. Here are some aspects that are important for those who are unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency and the Dogecoin market in particular.

Dogecoin – cryptocurrency meme

After 6 years, Dogecoin has returned to the top 10 cryptocurrencies with almost no technical advances. So what has changed? Nothing.

Dogecoin is one of the OG cryptocurrencies released a few years after Bitcoin. The coin is based on the well-known Internet meme “DOGE”, on the logo of which is depicted by the dog Siba-Inu.

Dogecoin was created as a joke cryptocurrency. This open-source cryptocurrency was created by Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer in 2013 through a fork of Litecoin (LTC). The creators of Dogecoin decided to create a payment system that was fun, free and instant.

DOGE is mostly used as a tip currency on Twitter and Reddit. It is one of the original altcoins, and since it is based on the Doge meme, billionaire Elon Musk has published several tweets promoting Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has now become a favorite coin for a huge number of Internet users. The power of memes drives the markets. But you should understand that DOGE should not be considered as a serious investment. Here’s why?

Facts about Dogecoin offer

The total supply of DOGE is unlimited and there are currently 128 billion coins in circulation. Every minute 10,000 new Dogecoins are mined, which amounts to 14 million coins per day.

Every year, 5 billion doge coins are circulated. Because of this high inflationary supply, many will not consider this coin a serious investment. It is best viewed as a cultural movement rather than a financial asset.

In any case, if you bought a huge amount of DOGE at the bottom, that’s good for you. But if you’re still holding them on the exchange, you’re doing it wrong. You should transfer your Doge coins to a wallet where you control your private DOGE keys.

Also, don’t tell us that you bought your Doge coins on Robinhood. If you did, you don’t actually own the coins. Robinhood has its own digital wallet, and you have to trust the platform to keep your digital wallet safe. And remember, they have been hacked before.

If you want to store your Doge coins securely for a long time, the best thing you can do is to buy them on Binance and move them to your personal wallet.

Here are some Dogecoin wallets that you can quickly set up and use.

Dogecoin Wallet – DOGE Wallet in less than a minute

Using a Dogecoin wallet, you have full control over your Doge coins. The wallet allows you to receive, send and safely store Dogecoin.

There are different types of wallets available for Dogecoin. We will not list them all here. We will only list those that are quick to set up and easy to use.

The wallets below are mostly lightweight and, unlike full nodes, you don’t have to wait for blockchain synchronization. Just set it up and use it right away.

Mobile wallets

Of course, when it comes to ease of use, mobile wallets are the way to go. They are convenient and offer a convenient way to store Doge coins. There are both official and third-party mobile wallets for Dogecoin.

Note. Mobile wallets are free, they are easy to configure and it is easy to access them. But the disadvantage is that they are less safe and have limited opportunities.

Dogecoin Wallet – Android

Dogecoin Wallet is the official and first mobile Dogecoin wallet, safe and easy to use. However, this wallet is only available for Android.

You can read the full specifications of the wallet on the Play store page. But before installing, pay attention to the reviews. There are many negative reviews that mention problems with network synchronization.

Try using it in small amounts. If you are satisfied with it, keep using it. This wallet is a good place to start, but we do not recommend it for storing large amounts.

Android Dogecoin Wallet

This is another Android Dogecoin wallet that you can use to store and exchange Dogecoin.

Freewallet (the developer) protects user accounts and stores coins in cold storage to ensure coins are kept safe.

Again, this wallet is good for beginners. But it is not an ideal solution for storing large sums of money.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Binance. It is the most popular and reliable mobile wallet available for both Android and iOS.



Just install it on your mobile and use it now. Be sure to make a backup copy of the start word.

Not only Dogecoin, but the Trust wallet is a multi-currency wallet that allows you to safely store bitcoins, Ethereum, BNB, Dogecoin and hundreds of other altcoins.

The wallet is not only free, but also open-source and offers full control over your private keys. It also has the ability to buy cryptocurrency, bet on cryptocurrency, and exchange/exchange cryptocurrency instantly right from the app.

Compared to two of the above -mentioned Trust wallet wallets, the wallet is much better and offers a safer solution for storage.

Web and browser wallets

Internet browser wallets, like mobile wallets, offer a quick and convenient way of storing and transactions of DOGE coins, but without the need for software / application.

Note. However, they are less safe, have limited possibilities, do not offer a proper solution for backup and, finally, they are subject to fraud.

Please note that there are many phishing sites that look the same as real ones. Therefore, you must take appropriate precautions before using this type of wallet.

The original Dogechain Wallet website (web wallet):

If you plan to use this online wallet, add this site to your bookmarks.

Click create a wallet. Then enter your email address and set a strong password. The wallet will generate a unique wallet ID for you. You will need to back up both your ID and your password.

If you miss them, you lose access to your wallet.

People prefer online wallets because of their ease of use, which can be accessed from any web browser. This wallet is a good place to start, but it should not be used for long-term storage. It has security issues and you don’t get access to your private keys. But on the other hand, this wallet encrypts everything. The encrypted files are stored in the cloud. Even the developers of Dogechain can never access your wallet information.

Desktop Wallets (PC)

Two types of wallets are available for users of desktop computers. 1. Light, easy to set up/easy to use a wallet and 2. Node full wallet, which is safe and offers full control.

When it comes to a light desktop wallet, Electrum is the most preferred wallet. But we learned that the electronic wallet for Dogecoin is no longer updated. Thus, a lightweight multicellular wallet is the only option available at present.


Atomic Wallet

Dogecoin Core – the main wallet with a full knot (Fullnode)

The main wallet is the official Dogecoin wallet with open source, which is available for Windows, OSX and Linux. It looks like a Bitcoin Qt wallet. Although this wallet offers complete control, it is difficult to configure, and it requires huge throughput / disk space.

Just download and install. As we have already said, this is a full -fledged wallet, which must be synchronized with Dogecoin blockchain. Only when it is completely synchronized, you can use this wallet.

Hardware wallets

Of all the wallets mentioned here, the most advanced and safe is a hardware wallet. However, they come in price, and you have two options. You can purchase Ledger Nano S/Nano X or Trezor Model One/Model T. If you already have a hardware wallet, you will not have to look for other wallets. Both Ledger and Trezor support Dogecoin.

How to choose a Dogecoin wallet?

All wallets mentioned here have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, which Dogecoin wallet you decide to use, should depend on your personal preferences. If you are looking for a safe long -term storage, consider the possibility of purchasing a hardware wallet or using a paper wallet. They offer the safest storage solution.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a free wallet, offering a convenient and fast way to send/receive and store DOGE coins, then you can consider mobile and multi -ore table wallets. Remember, no matter what wallet you use, be sure to take the proper security measures. You must make a backup copy of the original word/password/password phrase and be more aware of hackers and phishing sites. Safety should be your main concern.

We hope that this leadership helped you quickly set up Dogecoin wallet.

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