Cryptocurrency wallets BIP-32/39/44 mnemonic seed phrase.

This article will provide a list of parallel wallets (both software and hardware) that implement the BIP39 standard or the BIP39 recovery mnemonic.

Essentially, you need a wallet program to store bitcoins. On your computer, smartphone, or by purchasing a hardware wallet, you can download a software wallet. Most bitcoin wallets create and provide you with a list of random phrases during the setup process. It can be from 12 to 24 words, depending on the type of wallet. This is also known as a recovery phrase, a backup seed phrase, or a mnemonic seed phrase.

The mnemonic seed phrase must be recorded and securely stored. You will not be able to access the coins in the newly created wallet if you forget or lose them. In the unlikely event of a computer malfunction or hard drive failure in the future. To get your bitcoins back, just download the program again and enter the word to restore the backup.

BIP39 is the most widely used standard for creating mnemonic seed phrases.

BIP39 – Bitcoin Improvement Proposal.

BIP39, or Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, explains how to use a mnemonic phrase or mnemonic code (

A set of easy-to-remember words that act as a backup for your wallet is known as a BIP39 mnemonic phrase. You can use a human readable word to recover all the coins contained in your wallet in case it is lost or destroyed.

Not only the Bitcoin wallet, but many other deterministic wallets have adopted this approach as the norm. It is now used in several other cryptocurrency initiatives.

For example, if your Ledger wallet is stolen, you can fully recover your money by downloading a BIP 39 compliant multi-currency software wallet. The seed will be used to retrieve each of your transactions and addresses generated by your wallet.

You can think of BIP39 mnemonic seed phrases as master passwords.

An example of a 24-word recovery sentence is shown below.

Illustration of the original BIP39 phrase – 24 words:

gravity trophy suspect shrimp sheriff avocado label trust tragic dove pitch title network myself task spell protect smooth diary sword brain blossom bulb under

Your wallet did not accidentally create the first set of words. These words are taken from the BIP39 wordlist, a defined set of 2048 words. English, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Czech are currently supported.

However, keep in mind that most wallets only accept lists of words in English. – BIP39 English word list

Here is a list of wallets that work with BIP seed 39.

Wallets compatible with BIP 39/32/44.

Please note the following before browsing the list of supported BIP39 wallets.

Many hierarchically deterministic (HD) wallets adhere to BIP39, which is the industry standard. The BIP39 standard is used by hardware wallets such as Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey to create a master key. These wallets automatically create a mnemonic of 24 syllables.

On the other hand, some wallets, such as Electrum, simply require a BIP32-style start word of 12 words.

An example of a BIP32 original phrase:

witch collapse feed practice shame despair open road creek again ice least

You can still add BIP39 seeds to your Electrum wallet even if it uses the BIP32 technique. Additionally, there is a BIP44 variant that some wallets use in addition to BIP32 to create seeds.

While you cannot directly import BIP39 raw words into these wallets, you can convert BIP39 to other methods using tools such as Ian Coleman’s tool at open source software. It is also available for offline use by downloading. Use it at your own risk.

So you can import the BIP39 seed into any wallet that complies with BIP 32/39/44.

Here is a safety tip before importing your current recovery phrase into any of these wallets.

Security tips

1) The order of the mnemonic phrase is important. You will not be able to get your wallet back if you make a mistake with the order. All your investments will be lost forever. Make sure you have a solid backup plan. 2) Wallets should only be downloaded or purchased through the official website. The checksum and signature of the wallet must be verified before use.

3) Keep the seed a secret. Avoid typing it online. Also, avoid storing them electronically. 4) Software wallets are less secure and more prone to hacking than hardware wallets. Be careful before importing seeds. Your money can be stolen if the software wallet is compromised.

Your own responsibility should be to keep your wallet safe.

BIP wallets 39.

Below is a list of cryptocurrency wallets (hardware/software – desktop/web/mobile) that support BIP 32/39/44.

Hardware wallets:

Ledger –

Keepkey –

Ellipal –

Cool Wallet –

Software wallets:

Electrum –

Exodus –

Web wallets:

Blockchain wallet –

My crypto wallet –

My ether wallet –

Use it at your own risk and study.

If we discover other wallets that meet this criteria, we will continue to update this site. Please provide any additional information or corrections to the list in the comments section below.

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