Kaspa (KAS) non-custodial wallets Desktop, Web, Android, iOS

Kaspa wallets – an overview of the best options for KAS. Kaspa coins can now be easily and securely stored on various platforms such as Desktop, Web, Hardware, Android and iOS. A non-custodial (non-custodial) wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where users retain full control over their private keys. This means that the user is fully responsible for safeguarding their private keys and managing access to their funds. Users do not need to rely on a third party to store and manage their private keys, such as an exchange or online wallet provider. This type of wallet is often considered more secure than non-storage wallets because users are in control of their funds and do not have to trust a third party with their private keys.

Kaspa Wallets

Kaspa Web Wallet

Kaspa Web Wallet

Kaspa Web Wallet is the most user-friendly and secure wallet on the network. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it breeze to send and receive payments. Head to https://wallet.kaspanet.io/ to create a new wallet, record your 12-word seed phrase, follow the seed phrase prompts, and you’re ready to roll.

KDX Desktop Wallet


KDX is a desktop wallet you download and install. It’s a process manager that provides zero-effort installation and configuration of the Kaspa full-node software, miner, and Kaspa Wallet in a single GUI-based facility. Like the Kaspa Web Wallet, it uses a 12-word seed phrase. You can use KDX in ‘Kaspad node’ mode, which can be used as a node and wallet (Full Wallet), or ‘CPU/GPU miner’ mode, which allows mining to KDX local node.

  • https://kdx.app/#home
Kaspa Command Line Wallet — Commands to obtain and install kaspad including all dependencies

Kaspa Command Line Wallet

The Kaspa Command Line Wallet is part of the core Kaspa node software bundle and is maintained by the core team. It uses a command line interface (console) to operate. This wallet doesn’t use a GUI and requires some knowledge or experience executing commands or coding. Recommended for users that are Kaspa/crypto enthusiasts and looking for a minimalist experience.

  • GitHub: https://github.com/kaspanet/kaspad


Kaspium is an easy-to-use cross-platform (Android & iOS) non-custodial mobile wallet for the Kaspa network. Kaspium features an user friendly interface with support for multiple wallets, transaction history, address management, and easy authentication using device biometrics.

  • WebSite: https://kaspium.io/

This wallet is compatible with 12 and 24 word secret phrases. Perfect for users that like touchscreen functionality or want to keep their wallets on hand. It offers a clean and versatile experience. Moreover, it’s a wallet that can live in the pocket again.


Chainge Finance, a unified non-custodial wallet and DeFi app, provides Kaspa users numerous benefits for storing and managing their KAS coins. With its various features and functionality, Chainge is an ideal choice for Kaspa, whether used as a native wallet or for DeFi purposes. It aligns well with Kaspa’s goal of delivering a scalable, secure, decentralized platform for its users.

  • WebSite: https://www.chainge.finance/

OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet seamlessly integrates Wallet, Trade, NFT, and DeFi functionalities into one user-friendly platform. Available as a mobile app, desktop application, and Brave browser extension, it offers versatile access for managing digital assets and staying updated with real-time crypto market data. Explore the world of NFTs with its comprehensive trading and creation tools, and dive into the dynamic Web3 space with ease.

  • OKX Wallet: https://www.chainge.finance/


ViaWallet is a versatile crypto wallet offering robust multi-chain support and enhanced security features. It enables users to control private keys and manage multiple crypto wallets in one place. With ViaWallet, you can securely store a vast array of crypto assets, swap cross-chain cryptos instantly, and earn interest on idle assets. Additionally, it provides easy access to a wide range of DApps and up-to-date crypto market information.

  • ViaWallet: https://viawallet.com/


Zelcore stands out as the world’s first gateway for Web3, simplifying how users navigate major exchanges and blockchain protocols. As a powerful tool for managing, trading, and truly owning digital assets and information, Zelcore now provides support for Kaspa. As a result, KAS holders can now take advantage of the comprehensive solution for a full Web3 experience.

  • Zelcore: https://zelcore.io/