Download Wallet.dat Bitcoin wallets with a balance of 10000/340/150/30/22 BTC

The real wallet.dat file for 10,000 bitcoins is like a blood diamond. Everybody wants it, everybody is after it. And a lot of people spend money on scammers. We have come across many offers for sale ranging from $10 to $20000 per file. 99.9% of all offers are SCAM! Beware of scammers! Most people have been scammed on the forums with adding a watch-only address to an empty wallet. One time we bought the same wallet on forum and lost money. HEX-edited wallet with no private key. If you try to run the command dumpprivkey 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK. You will get an unfortunate response:

“The private key for address 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK is not known (code -4).

We’ve seen this fake file, too. And a lot of empty wallets on the market with a cheap price. gemstone Hints for bounty hunters: The owner of the wallet was an American OTC trader and holder. This means that the password must be an English alphanumeric password. The length of the password is unknown to us. In addition, 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK is still receiving whale alerts (trader signals) with small deposits such as 600, 777, 547 satoshi. This is strange. Check internet mentions of this address 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK.

An hour or two of this time is enough time to sync Bitcoin-QT with wallet.dat and check everything. What do you think about all these hashes, are they real wallets or fake?

Because after a lot of research I just discovered that there is a chinese site that edits wallet.dat files, importing fake wallet information of certain btc addresses and generating them so that they can be opened in bitcoin core. That way, when someone checks the address, they can see that there is a balance and get the wallet file. By opening the wallet file, the person can also see that there is a balance and transaction information inside. But he can never unlock the password.

So after my research I see that all these wallets sold on the internet, for example on a site like allprivatekeys or on any forums are fake and edited versions with fake wallet information to confuse people and make money. Here are some wallets I am interested in discussing and I want you crypto family to see and say what you think, are these hashes generated from wallet.dat files that are sold online for these btc addresses real or fake. Let’s investigate together, I’ll give the most active ones a gift of various coins I’ve mined.

Download Wallet.dat with Bitcoin BTC

  • wallet 10000 BTC
  • wallet 340 BTC
  • wallet 2.2 BTC
  • wallet 159.89 BTC
  • wallet 150.36 BTC
  • wallet 30.99 BTC
  • wallet 22.85 BTC
  • wallet 8.5 BTC
  • wallet 5.05 BTC
  • wallet 2.2 BTC

Address access software

I used BitcoinCore, Electrum and Wallet key Tool in my research to get wallet addresses. BitcopinCore, Electrum and Wallet key Tool make it easy and fast to find the right wallet address. With these tools, you can be sure that you will have access to the right key when needed. Download them now to get started! Just use the links below to learn how to get, set up, and use this software.

  • BitcoinCore
  • Electrum
  • Wallet key Tool