How to withdraw money from Binance P2P to the cards of Russian banks.

Users of financial services have found a way to circumvent the new restrictions on P2P transfers using cards of Sberbank, VTB and other banks that were previously restricted. Prior to the start of P2P transfers from well-known Russian banks, Mastercard and Visa cards issued in Russia are prohibited from being used for financial transactions.

Banks received insufficient financing: Sberbank Gazprombank Alfa-Bank Opening of VTB bank transfers (Russia) The fastest money transfer mechanism in the world is SPB.

How to withdraw money from Binance.

P2P financial service providers have so far implicitly switched to using the “transfer via specified combination” option to circumvent the new restrictions. Card offers from Sberbank, VTB, etc. Still available here.

Suppliers often use alternative names, such as “Sberbank”, “SPB” or “Green Bank”.

It is still possible to exchange cryptocurrencies using Finance P2P, despite the fact that now you will have to spend more time searching for a suitable ad.

In addition to this, there are various more viable solutions for withdrawing money from finance.

Withdrawal of money to Russian cards.

Ordering a Tinkoff card is the fastest and preferred way! The ability to link UnionPay to the card very quickly (via the app without lifting the card) is another important advantage of the card in addition to crypto loyalty. This feature allows you to make purchases, withdraw money and play abroad, as you did before the sanctions were imposed (the easiest way).

Withdrawal of money from Binance using BestChange.

Make a withdrawal using  Best Change. Everything is simple here. Select a currency exchange service and convert US dollars into rubles. We transfer cryptocurrency, and the exchanger sends us rubles via the same P2P.

Switching to other exchanges.

Switching to Huobi, a well-known bitcoin exchange in the USA, which is not subject to any restrictions. Subscribe to Huobi. We go to Huobi, a well-known Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, where P2P transfers to the Russian Federation function flawlessly. A small number of suppliers and purchases is the same problem with finances (the rate is slightly higher).

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