Aptos APT – new blockchain, technology and tokenomics. Is it still possible to make money?

Aptos is a project that broke all cryptocurrency news portals, gathered near itself a wave of hype and those willing to invest their money in the project. New blockchain, huge airdrop payouts. Will Aptos be able to replace Solana and what to expect from the new project?

General Information

Aptos is a blockchain whose technology has similarities to Solana. Aptos is designed to achieve maximum reliability and scalability, as well as the ability to upgrade without hardforces. It supports flexible key management and mixed storage options. A modular and pipelined approach serves to minimize transaction latency. Mainnet (core network) launched in October 2022, also airdrop.

According to the Aptos Foundation, a total of 20,076,150 APTs will be distributed among 110,235 users, statistics show that each participant received more than $1,000, which is truly amazing.

APT – a coin on the network Aptos (cryptocurrency project), the token is carried out transactions within the network, payment of commissions, participation in the decentralized management and support of the network by stacking.

Features of Aptos Blockchain

A data model that includes hybrid storage options and flexible key control. A proprietary Move language and smart contract verifier that emphasizes security and software protection against malicious objects.

No limitations for atomic transactions. Other chains usually require developers to have prior knowledge of read and write data, while here latency is significantly reduced due to effective support for atomicity.

Project Tokenomics

Native APT cryptocurrency is distributed as follows:

51.02% to the community 19% – major investors 16.5% to Aptos Foundation 13.48% – other investors Tokens owned by private investors and principal investors are subject to a four-year lock-in from the launch of mainnet. The community was generally cool to the published tokenomics, noting that the royalties to developers were too high.

The initial total supply of Aptos is set at 1,000,000,000. However, the supply may increase in accordance with the staking mechanism. Currently, the maximum remuneration rate starts at 7% per annum and is reevaluated at each new “epoch.


Project Aptos will definitely bring something new to the cryptocurrency world. Maybe it will become a new Solana, for this the team has all chances. That’s why it’s definitely worth to buy some coins to your wallet, because it is available on all popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

The project has enormous potential, the main thing is to unlock and retain it!

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