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Top 3 films about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies

Everyone loves to watch interesting movies! Therefore, I suggest watching 3 interesting films about cryptocurrency. Perhaps you will learn something new or emphasize the old.

1. “Bitcoin Kidnapping,” 2016

Duration: 110 min.

Genre: Fiction

This is the movie you probably haven’t seen. It differs from all the other films on the list if only because it is a Vietnamese action movie. And films from the country of Ho Chi Minh rarely win world recognition! In “Bitcoin Heist” the plot revolves around a hacker named Ghost, who has problems with the authorities and Interpol. A bright and dynamic tape, which is definitely recommended for viewing by fans of everything related to the prefix “cyber”.

2. Life on Bitcoin, 2014

Duration: 96 min.

Genre: documentary

This film is almost 6 years old and today the topic it covers does not seem so acute anymore. But the picture itself is a great opportunity to see how cryptocurrencies were treated just six years ago. The film tells about the life of a young couple who set themselves the goal of living for three months paying only with cryptocurrency. By the way, today bitcoins are already accepted almost everywhere, and in 2014 it was not so easy to pay someone with cryptocurrency! The film is divided into two related parts: the first tells about what bitcoin is, and the second is about the spouses themselves and their attempts to negotiate with other people to accept cryptocurrency.

3. “Bitcoin: Money will never be the same”, 2015

Duration: 60 minutes

Genre: documentary

Another documentary with which we decided to complete today’s “hit parade”. This tape talks about blockchain technology and its role in the lives of ordinary citizens, as well as how the emergence of digital currency has changed the global financial system. How is bitcoin different from fiat currencies? What is decentralization? Why exactly do you need digital assets? The creators of the film tried to answer all these questions.

TOP 3 books about cryptocurrency and blockchain

Well, what if you don’t want to look at the monitor and present the whole event live? Especially for you, dear lovers of business literature, we have collected the top 3 best books on cryptocurrency.

1. “Virtual Billions” (2017)

Eric Geisinger wrote the book “Virtual Billions” with the goal of drawing attention to blockchain and cryptocurrencies through exciting and incredible stories. The author did it. The unobtrusive narrative, written in simple language, grabs the reader’s attention from the first page. The focus is on extraordinary personalities who brought digital assets to the wave of success.

“Virtual Billions” describes the story of the mysterious creator of the blockchain, the administrator of a virtual platform for the sale of drugs, a graduate of a prestigious foreign university. Dozens of people were united by only one fact – faith in the future of digital assets. Considering the technology to be a breakthrough, these individuals of various social status, levels of knowledge and skills worked to promote Bitcoin. Each of them contributed to the popularization of cryptocurrencies.

2. Grow Bitcoin Technology (2020)

Glocking Bitcoin Technology is for those who want to understand in detail how the Bitcoin ecosystem functions. The author of the work, Kalle Rosenbaum, explains encryption and cryptography algorithms in detail. Separately, the subject of transactions and their security is touched upon. Several chapters are devoted to the process of verifying electronic wallets for BTC, as well as the throughput of the ecosystem (accelerating transfers).

Technically complex topics are written in an accessible language. The assimilation of the material is facilitated by numerous schemes, visual aids. Examples of working with wallets and the functioning of the system are given. The literary work “Groaming Bitcoin Technology” is ideal for those who want to understand complex cryptocurrency topics, without abstruse phrases and “water”.

3. White Paper (2008)

The authorship of the “White Paper” is attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto. This is a kind of “Primer” in the world of blockchain. Without reading this landmark work, one cannot call oneself an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies. Initially, certain provisions of the White Paper were sent by e-mail. Not surprisingly, many mistook them for spam, ignored them, or hastily deleted them in the trash.

In August 2008, Bitcoin.org was born. Here, the cryptocurrency community systematized the information from the mailing lists. The result was a White Paper, which is believed to be authored by Satoshi Nakamoto. Here is a detailed description of the blockchain, its advantages, and how it works. Interestingly, due to the lack of a real author, many publications tried to attribute the copyright to the White Book to themselves. If successful, this would promise a multi-million dollar profit. All attempts to appropriate the content were in vain. The author of the creation is the mysterious figure of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Happy viewing or reading!

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