Neo describes itself as an open source community-driven platform. It uses blockchain technology and digital identification to digitize and automate asset management using smart contracts. Using a distributed network, he seeks to create a smart economy by creating the next generation Internet infrastructure and creating a solid foundation for the massive introduction of blockchains. Find out more at (

Full Node Wallet NEO

Preparing to Install Blockchain Blocks NEO

  1. Make sure that your hard disk has enough free space, it takes about 15 GB;
  2. Before you start importing the NEO blockchain, make sure that “NEO Wallet” is not installed on your computer, if it is installed, remove it. Otherwise, the blocks will not rise and simply begin to swing through the NEO Wallet, and this takes a lot more time;
  3. Download the archive with the NEO blockchain

Import Blockchain Blocks NEO

After the files have loaded, we can start importing NEO blocks for this:

  1. Create a folder where we will place the blocks, for example, “NEO”;
  2. We dig into it an archive with blocks;
  3. Next, in the same folder, run – “NEO.exe”
  4. The NEOwallet window will open, select our just created NEO folder and click Next, after which the assembly of the NEO blockchain base and synchronization with the network will begin;
  5. Done! Now you can use your NEO wallet!